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(I love) RC

Generation Sugar
Messed-up Life
Empty Head
Walking On Holy Ground
Kein Rückgeld !
Punk-Jazz reinvented
Will Sleep For Food
The Next Time


I ate New York and it wasn´t quite so bad
In fact it was the best town that I ever had
You just don´t know how to handle, so you better let it be
You need to be a monster, a monster like me

[Refrain :]
You better notice, don´t try this at home

You better don´t
Don´t you try this at home

Then, the later evening, I kicked that big apes ass
It wasn´t really difficult, just like a test
You just don´t know how to handle, so you better let it be
You need to be a monster, a monster like me


Nach oben, bitte ...

(I love) R.C.

You´re the one that fits just perfect in my hand
You´re the one I can´t lay aside
With your tender buttons on your immaculate front
And your piercing laser-light

It´s what I love
´cause you´re on my mind
And you are my soul
And you´re in my heart tonight and every day

´cause you are my remote control
And you´re my tiny little toy
Oh, I´m so glad that you´re invented
You make me a content boy

When you´re feeling sad at once I change your batteries
Your plastic body I will kiss and stroke
You´re so sexy, our children had to be named Zip and Zap
When I´m hot you´re my desire and dope



Well, I thank your dad for going out to fuck your mother
Well, I think he did a great job
I´ve been searching all around and know that there´s no other
Kind of thing no one can hate but has to love
I love you R.C.

Nach oben, bitte ...


I don´t know too much about what´s going on
And I´d buy eveything from every agent at my door
Perhaps I didn´t pay enough attention at school
Or maybe I´m just born very, very dumb
I don´t even realize any girl who likes me
But I don´t mind, ´cause that is not too bad
That would be too much excitement in my small world
I couldn´t stand it if anything would ever change

I´m serious and I´ve got my arrangements
Perhaps I´m more perfect than you
And I´m content. You´re not my pädagoge
Perhaps I´m more perfect than you

I don´t care that much about independence
At least the garbage man comes on time every single week
You might be thinking "Free your mind" but I think "Hey, shut up"
And stay the deaf dumb blind man that I want to be forever now
I don´t even like to notice all you´re clever wisdom
Everythig I have to know I do
So why I should read that book, when I´ve got TV
I can wait until the movie on the channel of my faith


You suck
And we suck

Nach oben, bitte ...

Generation Sugar

I was made of paper
I was made of glass
Iīm hoping it wonīt rain tonight
Or I get into a mess

Iīm of use to nothing
So why donīt you let me sit right here all time
there is no accord in you with me
īcause Iīm the generation sugar

[Refrain :]
I wanna die insignificant
I wonīt leave a thing behind
I wanna die blank and unheard
I wanna die without your thoughts

I donīt wanna know your past time
I donīt like to see your decade
So why donīt you take all that corpses
And burry them again


Iīm so fucking dispraved
I hope the girls are too
So why donīt you let down your panties
And make a smelly poo

Iīm the generation sugar
I guess now you prefer a still born child
So why donīt you wait until your pension
And then you get it right


Messed-Up Life

Once upon a time there was a big huge elephant
I think his age was sixty-nine
I guess his name was Mark
Heīs eating, fucking in the sun
Play trumpet in the dark

Exactly at the same time lived a little tiny ant
I think his age was twenty-five
I guess his name was Ray
He liked to read Franz Kafka
And Ernest Hemmingway

[Refrain :]
And when there roads were crossing
Mark shouted: "Outta my way!"
But little Ray began to laugh:
"Fuck you and go around of me!"

He dreamt that he could study on a big ant-university
He dreamt heīd be a buggle
In a strange and crazy mood
He dreamt heīs special but now
He is under Marks right food

Mark started laughing, saying: "Hey guy, canīt you see?
Now Iīm a big huge elephant
And your a little fool
You tried to fuck me once too much
And now you got killed cruel!"

[Refrain :]
But when Mark kept on walking
He shouted: "God forsake!
That little poisoned fucker
Hurts on every step I take!"
So Ray lived in his wrinkle
And cuts him like a knife
But that was just a little Joy
In his messed-up life


Once upon a time I had a girl
And I didnīt know what she was missing
With me all the time, oh yeah

But one day she told me: "Listen!
Now I tell you what Iīm missing
With you all the time, oh yeah

It started when I met this band
And they took me to heaven
With their coolest sound touching my eyes

And -Oh my god!- when they touch me
I can hear the angels sing
But these are just their voices in my ears!"

And do you know what the name of this band is?

[Refrain :]
Go! Halleluja! Thatīs my baby!

"Itīs not only they look good
Theyīre a pleasure for my eyes
And they know what I want all the time

And they are sex-machines in bed
Not like you: five minutes every week
And thatīs all you can do

Every time they kiss my skin
I can not think any longer
So I do what I feel like; and I feel a lot

And then we do it all together
Or sometimes in a row
Oh God! I got to go now, so good-bye."

And do you know which band she had gone to?



Good-bye, mom and dad, I go to find the end of the world
Perhaps Iīm away long time, but you donīt have to be afraid
When Iīll be there Iīll send you a card with a funny motive
End of the world at night or something else; I donīt know yet

Iīve been gone for two years as I saw someone was sitting over there
He has turned into stone and he sat down under a tree of figs
Then he began to speak, he said: "Hello, my nameīs Siddartha
Iīm sitting here for twenty-hundred years and I try to find it."

Iīve been gone for twenty years as I saw a rainbow in the sky
A gloomy old man stumbled along, he stopped in front of me
Then he began to speak, he said: "Hello, Iīm looking for the gold
Iīm running for twenty-hundred years and I try to find it!"

[Refrain :]
I think I can find it in the end

Iīve been gone for two-thousend years and I saw a weather-beaten house
A ghastly ghoul was selling cards "End of the world at night!"
Then I began to speak, I said: "Hello, Iīm taking one of these."
Then I broke up in twenty-hundred peaces and the wind blew me away


Empty Head

Watching "Starwars" the twentieth time
And I still donīt know what R2-D2 wants to tell me
I light my last cigarette, canīt imagine how to get the next
Lying in an empty bed
Empty bottle, empty head
Realizing to get mad, so mad

[Refrain :]
Perhaps I need to kill someone
I think that might be fun
How funny it must be to blow a hole inside your head

Now I think that itīs the time
To set me into creamy pervert heaven
Oh, Iīm so cool, but unfortunatly Iīm the only one, who thinks so
Lying in a sticky bed
Empty dick and empty head
Realizing to get mad, so mad


I laugh ībout you lying there in your own blood
I laugh ībout you lying there, you cry for help, but nobody cares
I laugh ībout you lying there with a bullet in your fucking head
I laugh ībout you lying there, now you donīt breathe anymore

Walking On Holy Ground

Walking on holy ground, questioning, thinking, asking
What can I do, what can I see
The better life is strange and queer
Where am I from, why am I here
Who am I and who will I be

Do you believe in fate, destiny or fortune?
Then you have to believe in god
A deity sings you a dirge
But for the reasons you donīt search
You will heavenly get shot

[Refrain :]
The sun comes down and burn my eyes
While Iīm free
Slay my heart and my soul
And now I see

Do you believe in love, peace and understanding?
Then you donīt have to be afraid
Youīll never have to explain
All the pain and all itīs names
You will walk through heavens gate

Do you believe in yourself, your career and future?
Then you will get it in the end
Youīre the pride of mamas life
When your limousine arrives
Youīre Mister hundred percent



[Refrain :]
Letīs talk about jellies

First I ate them at age of four
And from the moment when I saw
Them, I began to cry
And beat my brother ītill he died


So I woke up in my prison bed
The doctorīs diagnosis: Cancer, stage red
So I was pardonned the other day
Is when I died. Nothing more to say


Kein Rückgeld

We were lying at the pool our bottoms in the sun
Crispy girls beg: "Oil my boobs, please." to earn their stay
We had just begun
To ease our minds and welcome the day

A limousine with screaming wheels, our management arrived
Weīve been calling you since noon, get your asses outta here
"Calm down men, we try to survive!"
We turned round and had another beer

[Refrain :]
No money back
Is what you get

We were playing our last gig and we were pretty pissed
Bass-player wasnīt heared, he plugged it in his ears
The singer
Lost his rhyme

The guitarist was in the wrong key, he doesnīt care a lot
The drummer traded his drums for two farts in a jar
Groupies were quite upset
We had puked on their feet


We are playing for you and we donīt give a fuck
We are really getting bored so why donīt we stop


Punk-Jazz Reinvented

I wanna know everything that you donīt
Wanna see everything when youīre blind
Wanna be everything that you wonīt
Wanna feel everything you hide

I really wanna know how your lifeīs like
Wanna know if you grew up
Or do you rather prefer to burn out
Do you have the fire Iīve got?

[Refrain :]


I wanna be my own lover
īcause Iīm the only person I love
That would make things easier
īcause what I think of you is FUCK YOU!!!

I wanna go to Hiroshima
And came back with ninety hands
Then I would kill all the bad guys
And all the kids call me SUPERMUTANT!!!


Iīve had a date with Pocahontas
Thatīs when I saw she was a man
Nevertheless she couldnīt be pregnant
And so I did the best I can

Last week I met god in the peep-show
He told me he came first
And the dancing girl got pregnant
Without sexual intercourse



A decision has to be made
The point of no return has reached now
The frequency of my understanding-rate
Sends greetings to the daily talk-show
Few feelings has to be told to everyone
And soap is just a four-letter world to seek
The chance of individualism has gone
Sincs the trendy loveparaders look unique

[Refrain :]
I want all of you to wear the same
I want all of you to look like I do
Everyone will be a star in my game
And finally we think uni sono

Will Sleep For Food

[Refrain :] I know I wonīt go very far with that attitude
No motivation, hanging īround and being rude
And I donīt know, how to get out of this mud
I know I wonīt go, but whoīs the one to rise me up?

I suppose I shouldnīt draw naked ladies every day
And probably I havnīt seen Elvis anyway
I wonīt snap bras, eat garlic gum and xerox my but
And I know I shouldnīt make flatuent noises while I fuck


I realize I shouldnīt torment the emotionally frail
And organ-transplants are best left to the professionals
Iīm not a lean mean spitting machine or the anti-christ superstar
The truth is not out there and I will finish what I start


The Next Time

The next time Iīll play a guitar solo
The next time Iīll practice a bit more
The next time Iīll sing a little better
But there will be no next time forever

[Intermezzo :]
Or perhaps I tease you
Or do I confuse you?
So will you believe me
Or do I lie to you?

[Refrain :]
No, Iīll keep on playing accords
And Iīll prefer to watch TV
Sing like god just like the last time
As you can hear on the next CD

The next time Iīll use a hammond organ
The next time Iīll tune before Iīll play
The next time Iīll write humorous lyrics
But there will be no next time forever

[Intermezzo :] s.o.

[Refrain :]
No, Iīll buy CDīs and mags
And I prefer to watch TV
Be sincere just like the last time
As you can hear on the next CD

The next time I will smash your face
The next time I will shoot you down
The next time I will show you god

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